Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is TheBlogbee?

We are a dynamic platform where you can create publish and share your art, hobbies, creations, reviews, research, poetry, recipes etc basically things that you actually do

Q: What is the difference between TheBlogbee and other social media websites?

We are a platform that helps you to publish your artistic work, your hobbies, researches etc not your but social pictures and it is easier for other users to locate your posts in a certain data pool rather than individually finding your work only when you market your work

Q: How do I optimize my posts so that other people can view them first?

So you can do this by adding as many tags associated to your posts in the tags section while creating your posts so when someone adds a search input your posts are seen first

Q: How secure is the website?

We have been verified by GoDaddy, your connection is secure with our SSL encryption on our server so people can signup or login with us and your data is safe as our policy states we don't share your data whatsoever without your consent

Q: How can I share my posts with other people?

When you add a post and have an account a share link gets generated which you can share it with your friends & family so that the your post page or blog page opens as and when they click on it

Q: Will I be able to generate revenue/income through my posts?

We have plans to introduce the option of monetization as and when we hit atleast a 100,000 users mark so the more you share your posts the more quicker we can deliver you this incredible option

Q: Can I add videos to TheBlogbee?

No at this moment we don't allow users to add Videos but we are going to allow this option as we get more users

Q: What can I use TheBlogbee for?

Arts, Poetry, Photography, Research, Recipes, Reviewing, Craft, Essay, Painting, Sketching Literally any Hobby you want

Q: Can I promote my products on TheBlogbee?

Yes you can provided we are not responsible for any further issues if there are any

Q: What are the Future Plans?

We are going to introduce more and more features like number of views, follower features, advertisments, and many more to provide you and your followers the best possible user experience ever

Q: How can people know about TheBlogbee?

We are marketing TheBlogbee on various social media websites where you can follow us so that you won't miss a single update