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TheBlogbee Med-Vid Contest

A) About The Event

  • This is a Medical Content Creation Event in which a Participant who is interested in participation makes a Medical Video based on the topic he is aloted on the preferences he provides during the registration process followed by Uploading the Video by Us after doing some editing on Our IGTV Channel for which the participant is supposed to promote his video to his friends, Family, Relatives etc...
  • Once the Video is Promoted we will look at a group of statistics, like Audience Retention, Subscribers brough, Likes, Comments, Views and Decide the Winners...
  • Instagram/Facebook Is Neither Affiliated Nor Endorsed in any Sort of Way with this Contest

    • Participation Criteria

    • Should have Filled All The Registration Details As Asked and Paid the Specified Amount
    • Should Be Following TheBlogbee YouTube Channel
    • Should Be Following TheBlogbee Instagram Page
    • Should Create a TheBlogbee Account


    • 1st Place 7000Rs Cash Prize + Free T-Shirt
    • 2nd Place 4000Rs Cash Prize + Free T-Shirt
    • 3rd Place 2000Rs Cash Prize + Free T-Shirt
    • 4th Place 1000Rs Cash Prize + Free T-Shirt
    • 5th Place 1000Rs Cash Prize + Free T-Shirt

      Winning Criteria

    • Winner is made based on Audience Retention (How Long The Video was Watched by x number of People)
    • Winner will be made based on (Likes + Comments + Saves) x Audience Retention / Total Number of Views
    • Only Meaningful Post Interactions will be taken into consideration
    • In Case if a Participant has Submitted Two Or More Entries The One With The Better Retention will be selected

      How & What To Email?

    • The Participant Must Upload His/Her Video/Videos on Google Drive
    • Make Sure You Change The Video Share Settings to "Anyone with The Link" in Google Drive
    • The Participant Must Send His/Her Photo To Us For The Video Thumbnail
    • Most Importantly Every Participant is Required To Send His Dialogue/ Speech (Whatever He/She Speaks in The Video)
    • If There Are Two/More Videos Do Send the Details in Two Different Emails
    • Do Refer To The Video Below On How To Upload and Share The Files On Google Drive
    • Note All The Files Should be Added In a Folder and the (Folder Links are Supposed to be Shared in The Emails Along With Name, Topic Name, College, Academic Year, Course)

      Important Dates

    • Last Date For Submission Of Video 31st October 2021
    • Winner Announcement Date 10th November 2021

B) Ideal Video Requirements

  • Minimum length of the Video 5mins
  • Maximum Length of the Video 15mins
  • 1) Resolution: 720p(1080×720) or More (Landscape)
  • 2) Frames Per Second: 29.97fps
  • 3) Bitrate: 5min 7.5max
  • 4) File Type: mp4
  • Refer To The Example Below to understand ideal lighting for Videos, Be as creative as you can with usage of lighting equipment

C) Ideal Audio Requirements

  • 1) If you have an external mic use it
  • 2) If not, Use your wireless earphone Mic
  • 3) Try Filming in a Closed Environment To reduce external Noise and Reverberation
  • 4) If you wish to use, Only and Only Royalty Free Music to be used
  • Refer To The Example Below to understand ideal lighting for YouTube Videos, Be as creative as you can with usage of Audio Equipment

*If your video receives a copyright strike from Instagram you are disqualified with immediate effect and there will be no refund issued whatsoever

D) Topics

  • The Topic Book Is Live On Our Registration Page and the Booked Topics will be Updated Every 24hours From The Preferences sent by the Paticipants
  • In The Event of A Clash of The Preferences Sent By a Paticipant the One who sends it first will be alotted the Topic and the other Participant would be contacted and will be given the option of a Refund or a Topic Change from the Available Topic

E) Refund Policy

  • Refund is Only and Only Possible Until You are alotted the topic
  • A 2% Transaction Fee will be deducted from the Sent Registration Amount by Our Payment Gateway Service Provider

F) Tolerance

We have A Zero Tolerance policy For Use Of Explicit Content, Foul Words, Hate Speech In the Sent Videos and Such Videos will be Removed Or Not Accepted and The Participant will Be Disqualified with immediate effect

Register & Pay

For Registration Queries:

WhatsApp Us At

Pankti Shah: +91 8766082148

Nikhil Korgaonkar: +91 9370026717

Preferences and Procedure:

Select From The Available Topics in The Topic Book and Add them To Your Preferences on The Payments Page

Topics Updated Every 24hours, 100% Refund Given Until The Topic is Alotted to Participant

Final Date For Submission Of Videos is 20th October 2021

Winner Will Be Declared on 30th October 2021


Enthusiast Pro

Rs 299/-

Rs 199/-

Hurry Up Will be Gone Soon

Two Topics at the Price of One
Headstart Over Others



Rs 299/-

Rs 199/-

One Topic
Basic Pricing



Rs 399/-

Rs 299/-

Two Topics
More Chances of Winning
Audience Retention Informed Every 2 Weeks
Video with Better Score will be chosen


  • Hereinafter as the "First Party" , Through its Founder & CEO Dr. Manas Milind Panditrao Age -23, Occupation- Doctor at Smt Kashibai Navale Medical College and General Hospital Hereinafter as the "First Party" AND The Participant Whatever His/Her Name and age who wishes To Register for The said Event/Contest Hosted by the First Party Hereinafter as the "Second Party"
    • The Parties wish to enter into an Agreement to define their respective roles and responsibilities and thus successfully satisfy the objectives of these transactions; and To perform certain functions, and thereby binding all the Parties to the terms and conditions of this Agreement:
    • The First Party has: established an app called THEBLOGBEE , who is launching an event for medical video creators and second party is one of such creators who intends to participate the said event referred above .
    • The party of the second part has assured the first party to comply with the terms and conditions with the event which are finalised by the first party at its desecration and the participation of he second party is subject to the condition that the party of the second part shall always indemnify the first party as regards the said event and its outcome and the revenue and irrevocable rights are hereby vested in the name of the first party being the exclusive authority as regards all the aspects of event , some which are mentioned below .
    • IT IS NOW, THEREFORE, AGREED by the First and Second Party to this Agreement that the various promises, covenants, warranties and undertakings set forth herein shall constitute good and valuable consideration, the receipt and adequacy of which the Parties acknowledge by signing below. The Parties hereto agree to work together in good faith, using their best efforts and resources as set forth below:
    • This Agreement is drawn for the express purpose of bringing the Parties together ,for participation in the medical video creators event , the topics of which are based on medical subjects like 1] Medicine 2] PSM 3] Pharmacology 4] Anatomy 5] Surgery 6] Pathology 7] ENT 8] Physiology 9] Ophthalmology 10] OBGY
    • The party of the second part shall make a video on the said particular topic and the main criteria is to have the THEBLOGBEE Account of Youtube channel, Website, Instagram and Facebook page .
    • The winner of the said event thereby choosing the best video shall be decided exclusively by the The party of the first part , the design of which shall be final and conclusive and shall not be challenged by The party of the second part , in any manner. the copyrights of such videos shall be deemed to be have vested in the name of party of the first part.
    • The result will be announced on or prior to 1st November 2021
    • With Following prices –
      • 1] First Prize 7000Rs.
      • 2] Second Prize 4000Rs.
      • 3] Third Prize 2000Rs.
      • 4] Fourth Prize 1000Rs.
      • 5] Fifth Prize 1000Rs.
      • 6] Certificate of Participation For All Participants
      • The general criteria for the deciding nth winner is as follows The Audience Retention Statistics Followed by Subscribers/Followers Generated From That Video, Number of Likes and Number of Comments
      • The Offer /Agreement may be terminated by party of the first part , in its sole discretion , even without assigning any reason and the same shall be final and conclusive. Copyright infringement is not allowed. The first party shall have the exclusive right to delete and / or modify or edit the video in its sole discretion. The royalty fee and net charges applied on the First Party due to copyright infringement caused by that particular Video Shall be Paid by the Second Party itself. Shall be used for ………….. In case of a copyright strike from Instagram/IGTV/Facebook the second party shall be automatically disqualified from the event and the payment shall be made on the last day of the month , to the necessary beneficiary.
      • The first party shall have the right to promote the video for YouTube/Instagram Ads and the video will be posted on the THEBLOGBEE Website, Instagram/IGTV, YouTube channel and on the receipt of advertisement money in the THEBLOGBEE account. The terms and conditions of this event can be changed at any time without notice by first party in its sole discretion and such guidelines are mandatory for the participants.
      • All legal or otherwise obligations arising out of the said video shall vest solely in the name of the participant being his sole responsibility , for which he will always indemnify the first party / THEBLOGBEE at the cost and consequences of participants, being the prime condition of the event.
      • The legal dues attracted over the said amount received from any copyright infringement or theft of intellectual property shall be paid by participants exclusively.
      • The accounts maintained by the first party shall be deemed to be final and conclusive.
      • Confidentiality shall be maintained by the participants including , Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure aspects and participant shall not commit any act to circumvent, eliminate, reduce or in any way diminish the role of the First Party;
      • Participant / other Party shall defend, indemnify, and hold the first Party and their directors, officers, employees, and representatives harmless from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, and costs, including reasonable attorney's fees, resulting from, arising out
      • The video or the subject event or regarding any aspect connected with any breach by them of any warranty, representation, or agreement contained in this Agreement.
      • Changes or deletion of any part of this Agreement shall have no effect unless agreed in writing by the first party here to.
      • In case of any legal dispute Pune District Court shall have the exclusive jurisdiction regarding each and every aspect of the event and agreement
      • The party of the second part / participant hereby reiterates, ratify and confirm the exclusive and sole authority of the first party regarding all the aspects of the said event and hence the second party shall not raise any dispute action or claim against party of the first part.