Vidalista 40 (Tadalafil): Dosage, Reviews

Published by: Genericday4561, Wed Feb 16 2022

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Vidalista 40 belongs to a class of medicines known as PDE-5 inhibitors. These medicines inhibit the action of the PDE-5 enzyme to help produce a firm erection suitable for sexual intercourse. Sildenafil is a highly popular drug that helps combat erectile dysfunction in men. It works in the following steps: • After administration, Vidalista 40 Tadalafil starts working by restricting the action of the PDE-5 enzyme. The PDE-5 enzyme is responsible for lowering the levels of another enzyme called the cGMP enzyme. • After this, cGMP levels tend to go up. This leads to relaxation and dilation in the blood vessels. • This dilation leads to an increase in blood flow to the penis. • This sudden increase in blood flow makes the penis highly sensitive to touch or stimulation. This effect eventually results in an erection when combined with sexual arousal. Tadalafil also helps in increasing exercise ability by treating pulmonary hypertension. Pulmonary hypertension is often associated with erectile dysfunction. Sildenafil helps treat PAH by increasing blood flow in the vessels. In some cases, doctors also prescribe this medicine to women. It is believed that this medicine can help with sexual arousal in women. However, there have not been enough studies done to prove that it is safe for use by women.

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