Think On These Things

Published by: prudence, Wed Apr 29 2020

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Think on these things This book is basically a compilation of talks presented by Jiddu Krishnamurti in India. His words will be meaningful to thoughtful people everywhere,of all ages and in every walk of life.He encourages you to self examine your mind rather than just making it believe something.He critizes the present education system which compels you follow a certain system and prevents you from thinking aloud and bringing in revolution. For him revolution is not merely fighting within the prison,it is breaking through it and evolving as better human being. A being who does not think within the prison of religion, tradition, boundary of nation,etc and who has gone beyond fear,ambition,greed and lust for power.He sensitises you to the beauty of nature and compassion for the people around you and how to derive happiness from the slightest stimuli rather than materialism which is anyways temporary.He reveals the truth about life in real sense.

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