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Published by: ggphotoholic, Fri Mar 15 2019

SYNCYTIUM Photography

The enchanting sunset at Shiroda beach, Vengurla, Maharashtra, India. This instantaneously made me think that those woody leafless branches would have looked quite ordinary elsewhere. But the magic of sunset at the beach and the synchronization made it look exceptionally appealing. Every shade, every wave, every lint of sand was an integral part of the background and the foreground which shaped the whole scenery. That's the wonder of Mother Nature. Simply perfect! It has got a unique property of universal inclusiveness. The quality of including each and every minute element existing in Nature. Highlighting it in a distinct way each new time! Here's a small attempt from my side to capture the phenomenal sundown. Undoubtedly one of the best sunsets one could ever perceive.

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shreepadg 5 years ago

Sunset well captured with the sun landing on a woody branch...

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