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I, Human of the Dead Sea Pain erupts White hot There's fire in my head Whitewashed walls stare back A machine beeping nearby A warm ,wet hand on my forehead Ma? It was be you But why wet? Was she crying I couldn't say Memories rushed back in waves Vivid, painful I remember hate, vulnerability I remember the white haired man Bent with age That white haired main with sunken eyes. They call me saviour They call me god But alas , I am only human Life and death I write not. He died. That white haired man with the sad face Maybe it was his desire Or maybe God's I did try my best But alas! I was only human. And now I lie here The same hospital walls stare back They say I can never walk again I still hear The sound of sticks on breaking bones The slashing of knives I remember sharp, searing pain And blood. Oh! The blood was everywhere And there ..... I lay A broken shadow. The life I earned The work I did All rendered obsolete. My love of serving Helping people in their dire times Gifting smiles Now in the bottom of a dark abyss I saw their faces Angry , spitting mouths Friends of the white haired man. And here I lay The same white washed walls My mother's tears on my forehead. And they say I can never walk again !! SYNCYTIUM 2020 SKNMC&GH

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