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Reciprocal Relationship between Strategy and Structure In general term, structure refers to the organizational plan that helps the company to achieve goals and objectives in effective way. With the support of organizational structure, company provides the effective platform to different departments in order to create accurate and proper work in the related project. On the other hand, strategies in the organization refer to the actions that help employees to perform the job or task in right direction. According to Salen & Zimmerman (2004) reciprocal relationship refers to the duel relationship between two factors. In reciprocal relationship, factors establish ‘give and take relationship’. It helps the company to analyze the importance of two factors that are essential for the company in order to achieve competitive advantages in the market. In today’s competitive environment, it can be stated that there are some relationship between organizational strategies and structure. In today’s organizational environment, managers and leaders make strategies according to the need of the organizational structure. In the reciprocal relationship, it can be stated that structure can influence the organization’s current strategic actions and also influence the choice of future strategies in order to achieve competitive advantages from the market. The structure and strategy relationship helps the company to create effective work in the particular assignment and also helps company to compete in the market with competitors (Garlichs, 2011).

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