Special Darjeeling Tea Online

Published by: maharanichai, Thu Jul 21 2022

Special Darjeeling Tea Online

The only tea in the world to be granted protection under the Geographical Indication (GI) trademark is Darjeeling Special Tea. These teas are allegedly the highest elevation teas ever produced, and it is the altitude that fosters the perfect habitat for the tea plant. As a result, the teas produced here have a distinctive muscatel flavour and scent. Darjeeling special leaf tea stands out from other types of tea in part because it is still processed in the traditional manner, despite the fact that practically all manufacturing and packaging processes are now automated. Consequently, the teas are entirely hand-cultivated and produced, requiring a high level of skill, attention, and knowledge in the processing and manufacturing of pure Darjeeling tea leaves. Darjeeling special tea are only available for a short time because they are only seasonally harvested. In the middle of March, the first flush is harvested after the spring rains. black tea with numerous silvery tips, a very light colour, a delicate scent, and a little astringency. The second flush, which is made up of leaves harvested in June during the second harvest, results in an amber cup with a rich flavour. This black tea is recognised to be one of the most complex black teas the world produces, and its flavour changes as the sun’s strength increases over the summer. Pure Darjeeling Tea stands apart from other teas due to its distinct flavour and quality. As a result, it has carved up a long history of loyal patronage from discerning customers around the world. It is known as “The Champagne of Teas” throughout the world. Darjeeling tea has an aroma and flavour that are unmatched in the entire world. Tea enthusiasts from all around the world have enjoyed Darjeeling tea for centuries. Source URL: https://maharanichai.com/special-darjeeling-tea-online-the-champagne-of-tea-around-the-world/

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