Published by: Saylinikumbh, Fri Mar 06 2020

@Syncytium2020 Poetry

Time was paper not the memories. My heart was winter your love, summer breeze. Alas, spring is late. but my eyes cannot wait For the leaves now freely fall and I trot to pick them all. It's getting dark and cold and not all the greens can I hold. So I let them slip silently and watch them float in melancholy. And I stand tall, although in disgust cause it's now the past meant to rust. For it was you the leaves, and winter, I Seasons will change, without a goodbye And every winter, I'll let you go The best part is you'll never know. the worst part is you'll never know //

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Anuj99 4 years ago

Stunning writing!♥️

Athu 4 years ago

Beautiful ❤ Hoping to see more of such brilliance

siddhikotnis 4 years ago

This is so beautiful!🥺♥️

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