Raigad (Fort)

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“ The Heart Of Maratha Empire “ Well said – The Capital of Maratha Empire Est. by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj which is located in Raigad District, Maharashtra, India. Raigad – The Pride of Brave Marathas recognized by their audacity. The attraction point of this fort is it’s location in Sahyadri Mountain Ranges which is said to be Heaven on Earth. The fort is still strong because of it’s astonishing architecture using stones & lead is worth watching atleast once in a lifetime.The magnificent fort is accessible only from one side through a pathway which has about 1700 steps as deep valleys surround the other three sides. Alternatively, senior citizens and disabled can take the ropeway to reach the fort top in 5 - 7 minutes. Height – 2700 ft. (above sea level). Construction – Stone, Lead. Timings – 07:00 am to 07:00 pm. Time Required – Approx 3 Hrs. Entry Fees – INR. 10.00 to 100.00 Watch List On Fort - It has several beguiling gates Nagarkhana Darwaja, Maha Darwaja, Mena Darwaja and Palkhi Darwaja, Nane Darwaja. On Chh. Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti, every year the fort is decorated with thousands of flowers, rangoli & celebrated by playing maharashtrian band Dhol – Tasha – Saffron Flag. This event is one of the must watch event which is now celebrated in many countries around the world. • Darbar • Ganga Sagar Lake • Hirakani Buruj • Khubladha Buruj • Takmak Tok How To Reach Raigad Fort - From Pune City ; By Private Vehicle / Passenger Transport :- 1. Via Mulshi – Tamhini Ghat Road. 1 Side Distance – Approximately 150 Kilometers. Time taken to reach – Minimum 3 hours (morning – less traffic). During monsoon take a halt at Tamhini Ghat to enjoy heavy rainfall and fresh natural scenes. It is one of the best roadway spot of photography near Pune. 2. Via Bhor – Varandha Ghat Road. 1 Side Distance – Approx 165 Kilometers. Time taken to reach – Minimum 3 hours 30 minutes (less traffic). During monsoon take a halt at Tamhini Ghat to enjoy heavy rainfall and fresh natural scenes. Enjoy delicious Bhajji / Pakode in the mid-way of Varandha Ghat road. From Mumbai City ; By Private Vehicle / Passenger Transport :- 1 SideDistance – Approximately 190 Kilometers. There is one and shortest – direct roadway connect to Raigad District. Travel With – DestiniGo Cabs Tours & Travels. “ You Pick The Location, We Will Take Care Of The Rest “ ------Our Outstation Packages For Raigad Trip------ Why Wait ? Plan Your Raigad Trip Now !! +91-8888352618 / +91-8888524439 [email protected] www.destinigocabs.com Pune.

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