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Published by: polycarbonatesheets, Fri Mar 10 2023

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Thermoforming of Plastics: A Comparison Between Polycarbonate and Acrylic Thermoforming is a manufacturing technique where plastic sheets are heated to a malleable forming temperature, moulded to precise shapes in a mould, then trimmed to generate usable items. Like Solid Polycarbonate sheets and rolls, Colour Acrylic sheets, Acrylic Rods and Tube, and Cast Acrylic sheets etc. Each component will be isolated from its batch to create a single unit or product after cooling and hardening the moulded plastic sheet. A final item (or part) having a specific three-dimensional (3D) characteristic is the result of a thermoforming process. Thermoformed plastic goods are widely used in our daily lives and are one of the best choices when trying to produce the most cutting-edge designs quickly and profitably. Although thermoforming is a technology that has been around for a while, it has now been refined to the point where its costs are more competitive than those of extrusion or plastics injection.

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