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Watch the Video Below for Detailed Explanation 1)AMENORRHOEA:indicates the absence of menstruation. It is a symptom not a disease. 2)OLIGOMENORREA:Infrequent, irregularly timed episodes of bleeding usually occurring at intervals of more than 35days. 3)POLYMENORRHEA:FREQUENT but regularly timed episodes of bleeding usually occurring at intervals of 21days or less. 4)MENORRHAGIA:regularly timed episodes of bleeding that are excessive in amount( >80ml) &/or duration of flow( >5days) 5)METRORRAGIA:it is regularly timed episodes of bleeding superimposed on nrml cyclical bleeding. 6)MENOMETRORRHAGIA:excessive prolonged bleeding that occurs at irregularly timed & frequent intervals. 7)INTERMENSTRUAL BLEEDING: Refers to bleeding that occurs otherwise normal menstrual cycles. 8)PRECOCIOUS BLEEDING :Occurrence of menstruation before the age of 10 years. 9)POSTCOITAL BLEEDING:vaginal bleeding after sexual intercorse. PHYSIOLOGY OF MENSTRUATION A)FOLLICULAR PHASE :This phase of endometrium represents the osteogenic part of the menstrual cycle. It is initiated & controlled by oestrogen. Pulsatile secretion of GnRH from hypothalamus act on pituitary which secretes FSH & LH.These hormones(LH) acts on ovary stimulates growth of primordial follicles which sector 17B oestradiol & rupture of follicle ie ovulation occurs. FUNCTIONS OF OESTROGEN. 1)proliferative changes in endometrium. 2)inhibits further secretion of FSH 3)stimulates ant pituitary to secrete LH B)OVULATORY PHASE:LH causes rupture of follicle ie ovulation. Max PEAK of oestrogen is about 48hr before ovulation. LH SURGE 24 36Hr bef ovuln. E2 level 300 _ 500pg/ml C:)LUTEAL PHASE It is the time between ovulation & menstruation & is fairly constant of 14 days. corpus luteum is formed from ruptured follicle which secrets progesterone FUNCTIONS 1)Secondary hypertrophy of endometrium 2)inhibits LH From ant pituitary. PROG 15ng/ml D)MENSTRUAL PHASE In the absence of pregnancy both oestrogen & progesterone

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