Make Her Feel Better During Menses

Published by: theblogbee, Sun Apr 11 2021

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1) Understand and Acknowledge it’s a Difficult time Try to understand her pain and say that you are there for her don't say that it's not a big deal, because with all the pain it is a big deal 2) Help her out Try to give her your most amount of time avoid any social meetings and gatherings try to provide her as much comfort as possible by doing the little things like doing the groceries, dishes, laundry, etc 3) It’s not disgusting, and She is not ‘Sick’: Stop feeling disgusted, and reassure her that there's nothing disgusting about her, periods or no.  4) Give Her Physical Comfort Shower her with your comforting hugs and if you have large hands give her a backrub or massage, Hold her hands, Cuddle and Kiss her Don't hesitate on showing your affection 5) Try to keep your Composure at all times Be patient, If she is hyperventilates resulting into nausea, anxiety and panicking listen to her and move on don't fight with her 6) Suggest Healthy Practices, but don’t Mansplain

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