Machine vision past and future

Published by: cornert, Thu Mar 24 2022

machine vision,

As mentioned above, the world of industrial image processing has undergone several major changes, and new companies have been created, replaced, and organized. Of course, these trends were brought about by technological innovation, and each time many processes were automated at the production site. With the dramatic improvement in the computing power of personal computers in the latter half of the 90's, the era in which image processing technology, which had been a theoretical theory until now, has come to light. In this era, the market size of industrial image processing itself expanded remarkably, and the companies that provide the software, cameras, lighting, lenses, etc. used there have grown significantly. Its growth is explosive, meaning that a market of about 100 billion yen has been formed rapidly. On the other hand, from around 2005, as mentioned above, overseas camera makers have created an "interface trend" for the transition from analog to digital and a "sensor trend" for the transition from CCD to CMOS, and are active companies (camera makers). ) Has changed. At this timing, the market size itself grew constantly at a few percent, and there was no momentum like in the late 90's, but only camera makers were caught in a big whirlpool, and some companies were banished as big growth companies. It came out. Then what kind of world is expected in the future? In the future, it is thought that the market size itself will grow significantly not for industrial use but for image processing outside the factory. This world is called an embedded vision. A good example is that cameras are now installed in cars and cleaning robots. This means that cameras are being used as new sensors in existing markets. The dawn of embedded vision will affect many areas. In fact, the rise of the embedded vision market could change some of the world of industrial image processing...

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