Interstellar Trivia

Published by: max, Sun May 02 2021

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Q1. What was Coop's job before he was a farmer? an engineer and test pilot. a professor of physics a bootlegger a spy Answer: an engineer and test pilot. Q2. Which crop is blight destroying as the film opens? wheat corn. soy hops Correct Answer!: Corn has become the staple crop. Q3. Who plays Dr. Brand the elder (Anne Hathaway's father)? Michael Caine. Jon Voight Max von Sydow Stellan Skarsgard Answer!: Brand was Coop's favorite professor, back in the day. Q4. What does Coop realize is causing the phenomena in Murphy's room? raccoons ley lines gravity. the spirit of her mother Answer!: There's a little more to it than gravity, though, we learn near the film's end. Q5. Where in our solar system is the wormhole located? the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter near Saturn. just beyond Pluto Answer!: The wormhole is a cosmic express lane to another galaxy. Full Movie In The Link

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