Published by: Saylinikumbh, Mon Mar 09 2020

@Syncytium2020 Poetry

It's a bird trapped in the cage of miseries Fazed to escape each time Tears of fire burns it's cheeks Rendering a melancholic chime. It's a vase of black dead roses With fragrance of agony and pain It's a hope that will never bloom Endlessly watered in vain. It's a day without the sun Inundated with darkness of gloom It's a tavern of discontent Where happiness has no room. It's an ocean of fears With courage at the shore, It's a casket of feelings With memories in galore. Because it's a heart that once pumped life Whose beats long did seize A heart that now doesn't smile but It does cry, it does wheeze. Syncytium 2020 , SKNMC & GH.

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Anuj99 4 years ago

Perfectly captures the melancholy 💯

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