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Published by: max, Sun May 02 2021

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Q1. Who is in the trunk of their Mercedes? Movie 1 Doug. Alan. Mr. Chow. Mike Tyson. Answer!: Mr. Chow is in the back of the Mercedes after they pick it up. When they open the trunk he jumps out with a crowbar and starts to attack them. Then he runs off. Q2. What drug did the guys accidentally take? Movie 1 Marijuana. Codeine. Ecstasty. Rohypnol. Answer!: The guys accidentally took Rohypnol (also known as "roofies"), which is why they forgot what happened the night before. Alan later confesses to the guys that he was, in fact, the one who drugged them. Q3. Who performs at Stu's wedding? Movie 2 Lionel Richie. Mike Tyson. Alan. John Legend. Answer!: Mike Tyson performs at Stu's wedding as Alan's surprise for Stu. He performs a cover of the song, One Night in Bangkok, by Murray Head. Alan says that he was originally going to perform Burnin' Up, by The Jonas Brothers. Q4. What is Kingsley's profession? Movie 2 Criminal. Detective. Lawyer. Celebrity. Answer!: Kingsley is actually a detective who is part of Interpol. His real name is Detective Peters. He reveals that he actually had no idea where Teddy was and just used the information to get the guys to bring him Chow. Q5. Where do the guys dump Chow? Movie 2 Down a garbage disposal. In the ditch. In the hotel lobby. In an ice bin. Answer!: They dump Chow into an ice bin. Chow had snorted some drugs and the guys thought that he had died right before their eyes. They have no idea that Chow isn't actually dead!

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