Get To Know About Erectile Dysfunction

Published by: alisonhenry31, Mon Sep 12 2022

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The world is suffering from many health problems among which some are curable and some are non-curable. One such problem is erectile dysfunction which has become a burning issue worldwide. Earlier this was found among men above the age group of 35 years but now the symptoms are found in men above the age group of 20 years. Men have suffered from erectile dysfunction at some point in their life but the problem lies when they become consistent and test reports say it is erectile dysfunction. Vidalista 60 mg and Cenforce 200 mg are some of the medicine that is known for successfully eradicating erectile dysfunction very fast. What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is a reproductive health issue that is found in men who are unable to hold an erection for a longer time. It happens when there is improper blood circulation in the penis due to which it does not remain erect and does not give a pleasurable experience to the partner during sexual intercourse. What are its possible causes? Many possible reasons are there which cause erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. • Wounds that were not cured • Sensory system problems • Certain drugs that are not good for reproductive health • Excess use of alcohol • Low testosterone level • Taking medicines like cocaine or bourbon • Stress, tension, and depression • Veins becoming hard How can ED be treated? The treatment of ED is easy if followed with full discipline and care • Taking oral medicines • Changing lifestyle • Having a healthy meal • In certain cases, surgery is also an option • Meditation and yoga A common prescription for ED Some of the common prescriptions for ED are: • Vidalista • Sildenafil • Tadalafil • Cenforce • Avanafil How to diagnose ED? ED can be diagnosed by doctors by looking at the symptoms and indicators that your body is giving. For knowing the exact frequency of the problem some blood tests are done to know the exact condition.

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