Generation Z

Published by: Skale03, Sat Apr 27 2019

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Carrying forward legacies of lost forefathers, We bear the weight of sustenance, The burden to preserve our values or rather, Salvaging treasures of precedents We slumber in our hives of concrete, Slaves to the bane of technological fervour, Yearning for materialistic pleasures in a latter-day era, Not unlike emperors of old for grandeur We are the ambitious, the followers, The dreamers and believers with thirst for fortunes and fame, Yet we fail to realise our ephemeral wealth, Our brief happiness, It's all just a game We are the children of a gaping chasm, Framed between eventualities, Smoke and spirits are our new elixirs, Drowning the inevitability of harsh realities We are flies, heedless to webs of oblivion Timeless souls wandering a chronology, And like the tenacious strands of an inescapable web, Caught between yore and modernity Toil we may for things borne of necessity, To feed our folks the taste of bread, Our deeds and doings mechanised to perfection, We are the Generation Z

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Manas 5 years ago

Pretty Thoughtful🤩🤩

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