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Published by: max, Mon May 03 2021

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Friends Quiz Q1). Who is youngest of six major characters? A) Monica B) Joey C)Rachel D)Chandler Q2) What is name of Chandler’s sister A) Beth B) Leslie C) Kate D) Sophie Q3). Only season that did not have a dedicated Thanksgiving episode? A)season 1 B)season 2 C)season 3 D)season 4 Q4) How many times has Phoebe been married? A) 2 B)3 C)1 D) None of above Q5) What was the first name Ross thought would be good if he has a daughter with Rachel? 1.Emily 2.Isabella 3.Carol 4.Ruth 1. Rachel is youngest of 6 major characters. 2. Frank's triplets were named Chandler, Leslie and FrankJr 3. Season 2 did not have a dedicated Thanksgiving episode. -WI 4. Phoebe married 3 times- Duncan, Mike and A guy i vegan (which she didn't realise counts) 5. In season 2 Ross discusses having kids with Rachel and he suggests Emily would be a good name. But tha didn't come up during naming Emma because he married a girl named Emily.

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