Faery Queen

Published by: zshan, Fri Mar 06 2020

SYNCYTIUM2020 Online Poetry

I dream of what you were What you clearly are now The world's never enough To keep me away from you Can't walk the streets alone at night Way too sharp this side of the tracks So I linger when I used to turn away Break just enough to fit you for days The world fades To a wash of noise As leaves twist along your wake Fae revelries held for your sake A faery queen treading air Mistletoe weave in your hair As thorns wreath a crown on your head Pristine growths blossom as you tread Tears that blur days into decades We'd be strangers if we ever met Having forgotten what heaven feels like Could spend decades finding you anew Watch me walk across the wire Burning coals of a blazing fire Never getting used to Loving dangerously again You know someone better Then you start slipping Don't care if I ruin myself By rearranging my insides Every part of me knowing you In all your dark permutations Lurid daydreams hit you like a drive-by And you start hoping of hope again I try to be rid of you And find you standing Right in front of me Baby, gonna be real clear It's always gonna be Now or never I could spend decades In every which way possible Knowing all your permutations I nearly forget you Then you light up on my screen Wish we were back at square one Without all this deception in us Count out all the rules to make me fall Don't care about the things that I have to do For I would kill for another chance At being the guy in your wildest dreams SYNCYTIUM 2020 SKNMC&GH

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