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(n). who hides pain behind smile. It's a great big world, full of people who pretend. Masking their true feelings with a fake emotion. This talent, is the greatest weapon a man can carry. Pain was quite an unusual feeling for her. She wanted to be free of it but would go to great lengths to hide it too. Her attempts at trying to reach out for help would be in vain too. The pain was not constant though. It would erupt like an active volcano once in a while, leaving her heart covered with ash. "I'm okay" That's what she used to say to herself and to those who occasionally seemed concerned. For people, She was an ever-smiling positive girl, but little did they know that the smile they saw was the only make up she used to put on in the morning. And the positive thoughts used to get lost in dark alleys of her mind, when she used to stay up all night crying her heart out. Sometimes she thought of talking about it to another being. Maybe they might understand and maybe she might get the answer to freedom. But every time she let her guard down, her hopes, her trust and her heart, everything was tossed out. As if her pain was a mirror to horror. Maybe she deserved it. Maybe she was meant to carry that burden around, hiding it behind a toothy grin and cheeky smile. Maybe it was decided from the beginning that her pain would end when her grave would descend. Maybe. "There wasn't much to do. It was a simple task. For her it was a choice, to lose it all or to put on a mask."

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