Differences Between Kindergarten and Daycare

Published by: medhaamschool01, Wed May 04 2022

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Studies have shown that kindergartens (or preschool) provide better early childhood education than long day care centers (LDCs), but for working parents it is challenging to choose between them. The only option for many families is daycare preschool, which starts when the kid is an infant. If the child will be in kindergarten, parents may want to ensure that the daycare center has a good kindergarten program. For kindergarten, kids have to be old enough to benefit from a program that meets for two or three days a week for three to five hours a day. Kindergarten is usually mandatory for families who are unable to afford daycare. Parents must consider more than just logistics when choosing a daycare. School schedules are also a factor to consider. Many kindergartens provide before and after-school care. The centers that emphasize learning through play may also offer preschool programs for children ages 3 to 5. Comparison of the two For centuries, daycare has been perceived as a place for 'care' and kindergarten as a place for 'education. Despite this, studies show a quality gap which researchers attribute to two reasons. Kindergartens are characterized by teacher/child interaction only and short school hours, while early education degrees differ from kindergarten teaching degrees. As a result, governments need to enhance the skills needed to obtain diplomas in early childhood education required by preschool daycare workers. Quality preschool education is essential in low-income areas where children could significantly benefit from it to instill a desire to learn. Kindergarten (Preschool) • A focus on education is primarily self-fulfilling and self-following. • School-associated hours • Full-time, degree-qualified teachers Daycare • Primarily focuses on childcare. • All-day care just a small part of kindergarten program. • Teachers with degrees working at government-run LDCs, but not necessarily in private daycares. High demand and childcare shortages cause work

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