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Watch The Video Below For Detailed Explanation 1)Natural methods -Abstinence during fertile phase -Withdrawal(coitus interruptus) 2)Barrier contraceptives -Condoms by male -Spermicidal agents -Diaphragm, or d cervical cap in d vagina, use of female condom -Hormones which alter d cervical mucus & prevent entry of sperms into cervical canal 3)IUCDs 4)Suppression of spermatogenesis 5)Suppression of ovulation with hormones i.e Hormonal contraceptives 6)Interceptive agents (Postcoital contraception) 7)Immunological methods 8)Surgical sterilisation BARRIER CONTRACEPTIVES 1)Condoms- erectile penis is completely covered by a thin rubber which is used only once. It is desirable 2 use a condom with spermicidal agent 2 improve efficacy. Advantages-easily available, cheap, easy 2 carry, free from side effects, no instructions required. Also prevents transmission of STDs, Ca Cervix, AIDS. 2)Spermicidal agents- Kills sperms before gaining access to the 2 d cervical canal. Contains surfactants nonoxynol-9, octoxynol, & menfegol & enzyme inhibiting agents. Available as foam, tab, soluble pessaries, creams, jellies, films. Used in conjunction with other barriers give a reliable effect. 3)Occlusive diaphragms- as a barrier in d vagina against direct insemination. Types- i)Dutch cap or diaphragm ii)Cervical cap iii)Dumas cap iv)Femshield female condom v)Today 4)Altering cervical mucus Hormones- low dose progesterone only pill mini pill administered daily. Under progesterone mucus becomes viscid & prevents penetration of sperms into cervical canal.

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