Caprioska- Mojito

Published by: theblogbee, Thu Apr 15 2021

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Hey Mojito lovers!! Try this awesome "Caprioska" cocktail in a romantic evening and make the evening more magical. Caprioska is basically an alternate version of Brazillian drink named "Caipirinha". A spirit derived from sugar cane known as Cachaca is used as the main ingredient in Caipirnha, which is quite expensive or hard to find. Whereas, In caprioska, vodka is used. . So, try this easy to make cocktail and I am sure you would like to enjoy a lovely evening with your loved ones. -Follow mycrazytastebuds on Instagram Difficulty Level: Beginner Time: 20mins approx Ingredients: 1.60 ml Vodka (Neutral, not the flavored one) 2.1 Lime, cut in wedges 3.15 ml Sugar Syrup 4. Soda Water- as per taste 5. Ice 6. Mint Leaves Method: 1. Fill your favorite glass mug with ice and keep it aside to chill. 2. Take another glass, put some ice cubes in it 3. Add the lime pieces on top of the ice cubes 4. Add 15 ml sugar syrup 5. Put few mint leaves 6. Now add 60 ml of neutral vodka and mix everything well 7. Take the chilled glass mug (refer step 1), remove the ice from it. 8. Pour everything into the chilled glass mug, including the lime pieces, mint leaves and ice. 9. To top the drink, add soda water. 10. Garnish the glass with cut pieces of lime.

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