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Abortion is the process of ending a pregnancy. Abortion can be done with both medical and surgical processes. Medical abortion can be done with the help of medication. And the surgical process is done using surgical instruments and it involves an anaesthetic. MTP kit is used to end the pregnancy without going through any surgery, by medical abortion. It is useful to terminate gestation of up to 8 weeks. Duration of pregnancy is counted from the first day of the last period of the women. The earlier in pregnancy, the easier the abortion. You can easily buy an MTP kit online from an online pharmacy website. This is a safe and affordable method for medical abortion. It is a simple process and can be performed at your home. You can carry out a medical abortion on your own without the direct involvement of any doctor or nurses. Components of MTP kit An MTP kit involves a combination of two medications: Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The medications are in the exact quantity that is necessary to carry out a successful abortion. During the period of two weeks, it completely removes the contents of the pregnancy from the uterus thus completing the abortion. Dosage MTP kit comprises of MTP kit is composed of a total of five pills dosage of two different medications which are as follows One 200 mg pill of Mifepristone Four 200 mcg pills of Misoprostol ( total 800 mcg Misoprostol ) Method to use MTP kit First, you need to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound so that you can be sure that the pregnancy is intrauterine. In case of pregnancy outside the uterus medical abortion won’t be effective and you may need to go through surgery to perform a successful abortion. It is also necessary to calculate the period of your gestation. It can be done with an ultrasound or pregnancy test calculator which is easily available on various online pharmacy sites. Medical abortion using an MTP kit can be done in the early stage of pregnancy.

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