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Published by: jilltipton68, Wed Aug 24 2022

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Fildena 100mg is a type of Viagra available only from prescription shops. Viagra belongs to the family of hormones called sex hormones. A male hormone called sildenafil is used as an ingredient in this type of medicine. Viagra 100 tablets are usually recommended for erectile dysfunction treatment. Erectile dysfunction refers to a medical condition in which men are unable to keep a firm sufficient erection in their sex partner during intercourse. Viagra is taken into the body in tablet form. The tablet contains sildenafil, which acts as an active ingredient. Fildena 100 contains no other ingredient that can produce adverse side effects like dizziness or tiredness. Sildenafil is usually taken two to three times a day with meals. You must consult your doctor before taking any medicine containing sildenafil as this medicine might cause severe side effects like headaches, vision problems, and vision loss in some people.

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