Brooklyn Nine Nine Trivia

Published by: max, Mon May 03 2021

Trivia Quiz Pop Culture TV Show B99 Brooklyn Nine Nine

Q1 From which movie did Jake Peralta give a speech in the Pilot episode? a) Die Hard b) Donnie Brasco c) Lethal Weapon d) Last Action Hero Q2 Whom has Jake Peralta punched in the face? a) Mike Halbrook b) The Vulture c) Jimmy Brogan d) Mr. Mlepnos Q3 What are the names of Captain Holt's neck swellings when he has Mumps? a) Simon and Schuster b) Captain and Tenille c) Balthazar and Penelope d) Shylock and Portia Q4 Which precinct have Captain Holt and Terry worked at together before working together again at the Ninety Ninth precinct? a) 3-9 b) 6-6 c) 1-8 d) 4-4 Q5 What is the value of a Jamon Iberico ham? a) 3,000$ b) 4,000$ c) 5,000S d) 6,000S 1) The Pilot starts off with a monologue by Jake, which he clarifies is a reference to the iconic film Donnie Brasco, starring Johnny Depp. 2) In the episode "Old School", Jake punches his childhood hero Jimmy Brogan for calling Captain Holt "A homo". 3) In the episode "Nine Days", Captain Holt reveals the names he has given his neck swellings to Jake, as they are both quarantined together due to contracting mumps. 4) When Captain Holt first joins the 99th precinct in the Pilot, he remakes his acquaintance with Terry after previously having worked together at the 1 - 8. 5) In the Pilot episode, during the investigation of the murder of Henry Morgenthau, one of the items reported stolen from his house is a Jamon Iberico ham, valued at 6,000$. This ham later becomes a key plot point in catching the perpetrator.

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