Published by: Sakshi, Sun Mar 08 2020


Broken like light No where to go Just a life without a flow Time resisted to blend It's a loop nowhere to end The calm breeze got inside Within, the soul cried Chaotic silence haunted it all life Peace wasn't below the skies Now it was closing time All it could hear is a lovely chime Goodbyes are beautiful only on other side It's just the pain amplified And as the light started to dim The soul left without sin With no hope of rise It didn't want an afterlife So with life of no role It entered the black hole!                                          ~Sakshi SYNCYTIUM 2020 , SKNMC & GH

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Sarvesh@12 4 years ago

Chod ke chale Gaya woh Kya usike bareme sochna Dusra dhund le kyuki desh Mai bahut hai ladke

mithun2011 4 years ago


Sh_Mind 4 years ago

👌👌 superb.....

Mdladvikar 4 years ago


Jaydeep123 4 years ago

Nice 💯

Raj597 4 years ago

Chaotic silence haunted it all life👌👌👌

being_tejaswini 4 years ago


Vpp50 4 years ago

Realistic and well versed....

Aishwarya 4 years ago

Beautiful ❤️

Pranav Vidhate 4 years ago

Very Nice ...... 👌👌👌👌👏👏👏

Santosh 4 years ago

Very nice 👌👌👌

Surajajadhav328 4 years ago


[email protected] 4 years ago

Nice 🔥🔥

[email protected] 4 years ago

Your words has existence prior to The back hole ,awesome 😍

AishwaryaJ 4 years ago


Amol baikare 4 years ago

Awesome 👍👍

rsh_zgde 4 years ago


Dr.Virendra_hudge 4 years ago

Beautifully crafted with broken words ❣️..So heart touching 😊

satvikism 4 years ago

Great ♥️💞

Sagar 4 years ago


Nutan 4 years ago


chetan_rakshe2510 4 years ago


Rising phoenix 4 years ago


Vsp6969 4 years ago

Great 🙌🙌

Sahil56 4 years ago

Nice 👍👍👍👍

7219045898 4 years ago


Joshi 4 years ago

Well written

vaishnavi 4 years ago

Graceful and very indulging!!

[email protected] 4 years ago

Very well penned the story of many people around🙌

HarshaP 4 years ago

Beautifully penned😍🙌🏻

PD7799 4 years ago

Nice words💯🔥

Rashmibhojane 4 years ago


Kb123 4 years ago


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