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Published by: brainandbeauty, Sat May 09 2020

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I am a medico on the run and a lifestyle aficionado by heart. . For the longest time I've been a greatly inspired by statement fashion. It all began at a point in my life when i was surrounded by kids my age who were too privileged to get the best of everything the ever asked for.My parents always taught me the mantra of deserving before you desire so i wouldn't say i had complains but there was always had a fomo because i didn't probably think, groom and to be honest talk stupidly like them. . When I went to jr college, I realised how deeply i got fond of people who spoke intellectually, shared humour and since then decided to surround myself with people who added value to my life. Getting out of the circus of wearing a school uniform everyday, I also got a chance to work actively on my daily attires. Also learnt how therepeutic and lovely dressing up and being presentable can actually feel. . After getting into a medical college i still kept working on the things I was hit by when I was younger. It was really nice to see some of my friends equally make an attempt to work on themselves when it came to studying all the time and yet maintaining themselves so well. . From my past experiences of being really unaware about these little things, I did have some life lessons to take back home. I will tell you that YOUR PERSONALITY first will always speak for you. To present it better, you are going to have to GROOM yourself. Doctors are smart and confident. All of us are working in and out to one day serve for the betterment of the world. Just wanted to say that the people who make an effort to work on themselves, willing to learn, willing to adapt and willing to mould themselves overall,will one day potentially create a mark in the world. . Always be humble, help each other, build a community, don't keep your knowlege to yourself, respect the beauty of the people around you and the impact they're capable of having in your life. Cultivating Brain and Beauty (internal and external) will surely change the dynamics for you 🧠⚕️💜

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