Before You Buy Your Next Set of Cosmetic

Published by: theblogbee, Sun Apr 11 2021

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Acne Cosmetica Caused by chronic use of cosmetics containing comedogenic substances. It clogs the pores and cause small bumps over the face. Ingredients Responsible Lanolin Petrolatum Certain vegetable oils Butyl esterate Lauryl alcohol Oleic acid Skin bleaching agents containing steroids How to Identify? 1) Bumps over the cheeks , chin forehead- Moisturizer , Foundation 2) Breakouts around your lip- Lipstick or lipbalm 3) Bumps and white heads in the eye area- Heavy eye product BEST TREATMENT Stop using makeup for some days , give some time to the skin , to heal. Who wants to continue using makeup, here are the following tips:- 1)Choose your makeup carefully, make sure you are buying Oil-free, non comedogenic products 2)Wash your face twice a day with mild cleanser 3) Remove makeup before going to bed 4) Clean your makeup brushes every week 5) Switch makeup brand or product. SEE a dermatologist if the lesions do not heal within 4 weeks

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