A coronavirus survivor’s story: the real story of three brave girls?

Published by: PravinDDahake, Sun Jul 19 2020

Motivational Story

On 17th June 2020, My Name is Vaishu; I am a Police officer in Mumbai India, A City of dreams, and limitless opportunities. I am sincere and never two-faced. It was my birthday today, so I was so happy; it was obvious getting many calls from my friends and family members. Everyone was wishing me happiness and prosperity and at the same time asking about the current pandemic situation in Mumbai. It was a beautiful day, I never expected such a day in my life because My Friends organized a surprise party for me at Night and they would keep everything secret from me. They did order delicious food, cake, and decorated our flat as well. I got two best roommates, Swati and Neeta both are Policewoman and was planning to celebrate my birthday. We are living in a 1HK flat and it is a very old society. We barely maintain social distance. Swati is an adorable and open-minded girl. She was trying her luck to make the cake at home, after many attempts, she prepared egg cake, and frankly, she really succeeded this time and made a delicious egg cake. Even we have licked our fingers. Image for post We captured that beautiful movement in our Camera. Neeta is the other hands quite bold, confident, and fearless girl. Nobody would easily mess with her. She has joined us in our flat recently. Perhaps, it was Neeta’s idea to go for egg cake and guide her during making a cake. As Usually, We were in a hurry to go out and was making fun and enjoying movements but Suddenly, My Mobile ring, I was expecting some more call but One unexpected phone call has changed everything and trusts me I was shocked and Swati and Neeta absolutely started crying and feeling bad for me and was praying to god. Nobody would have thought that I would be infected by the Corona Virus. I was totally devastated and didn’t understand for movement what was going on! I felt like slip off the ground and sky fall down on me. The next big challenging job was calling family and what should I tell them? What would happen if they come to know? What would be happened if died? Ohh. No way, my friends were as anxious so I was. However, I have to stay strong. Suddenly, we flew to the corner of the room and looking at each other’s like we don’t know each other. I just remembered that I was not feeling well from the last couple of days, I Had taken through Police VAN from DHARAVI to the hospital and although, I consulted to Doctor twice and Even My swab was taken and I pushed Swati to get tested but she replied saying really Had it coming? You know what! They delivered my birthday gift straightway from the hospital, I strongly believe in positive thinking and be positive but Positive was totally different this is time. I was amidst in positive patients and people in DHARAVI. Perhaps, due to that, I tested positive. After a few minutes, I started receiving calls from the BMC office, Hospitals, Police departments, and so on. Who could have imagined that I am going to celebrate a special day of my life in the Hospital with Covid19 patient Maybe? “ROCKING Ohh” We were desperately waiting for the ambulance, Finally, it came in and took me to the hospital, in Facts, it was not kind of the hospital but it looks like Quarantine Centre, where Doctors & Nurses are being visited twice in a day of 2 BHK flat and No One from outside would allow in and it was kind of central jail only different was that We are being treated as a patient. I was advised to take Paracetamol whenever I feel fever and provided some vitamin C tablets and asked me to take a stream on a daily basis as well. However, I know that if you want to beat Corona I need to boost my immune systems so I started doing yoga twice in a day at least for 30 min each. Initially, I was asymptotic there was no sign of coronavirus but later on, it started showing symptoms and I could suffer like dry cough, cold fever, headache, loss of taste in food, and some time body pain as well. Somehow, I managed to overcome as I am 24 years old and I recovered speedily within 14 days and discharged from the Hospital because of good immune power. Swati was started showing symptoms a bit late, She was being home quarantined in between, Neeta Pushed her to get tested and she tested Positive for Covid19. An ambulance took her away to different the Hospital. We both were hospitalized and Neeta was also showing a little asymptotic too but she isolated herself immediately and I believe she managed at home only. She stayed in the room for 14 days home quarantined and she diligently washed clothes, made the room cleaned the bathroom and washed dishes, and disinfected the area very day. This kept the virus contained in one room and protected others. We are all rocking now, we used to Video call each other’s every day and we all fully recovered from CORONAVIRUS. We got our all reports Negative. That’s the day I understood the importance of being negative. But we lost hope because of A fear of being judged. When we had returned to our society instead of praising us as Corona warrior. People started talking about us and we were a hot topic for their gossip and asking us indirectly way to vacate ROOM Exp: — When would you go to my home town and all. Now we feel that CORONA teaches us real friends, family, colleagues, and perspective towards us has totally changed now. I would say corona teaches us who would be friends, family, and our people. My Perspective has totally changed if someone asked me “Who is your own in this world” I would quote “Time! If time is right, everyone is ours otherwise No one! Now, we are being home quarantined for the Seven days and will resume my service to serve my country again because “real heroes serving the law & orders NO Resisting”. It does matter that if we would get infected again. Rest Assured! We will be going to beat it again. I had been hospitalized for fifteen days. It will be very difficult to share some of our experience in abstract words. Together with I have many questions in mind that are still unanswered How what and When we all got infected by a coronavirus. “Anyone can guide us but only the fearless can motivate us” Pravin D. Dahake

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