8 Tips to Help your Child Start Preschool

Published by: medhaamschool01, Sat Apr 23 2022

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Schools have finally reopened after precautionary a closure of almost two years. One of the greatest loss in this pandemic has been of children especially those in early years. Without adequate stimulation there have been many developmental delays observed especially in speech and social skills. Children are now ready to start their learning journey, but in the process there is bound to be stress and anxiety. Here are 8 tips to help you in a smooth transition process: 1. Take the child with you to visit your chosen preschool! Walk around the outside the building, go to the park, talk about where the class is, meet the mentor and answer any questions your child might have. 2. Bedtime stories are great but did you know that reading a book for 15 minutes during the day will help your child learn to sit and settle? Read stories about going to preschool like: “The Kissing Hand” by Audrey Penn, “Maisy Goes to Preschool” by Lucy Cousins and "How Pranav went to School" by NandiniNayar 3. If it is a walking child ensure that she/he walks to the school door rather than entering cuddled in your arms as that will make the separation even more difficult for her/him. Say a quick goodbye to your child rather than slipping out. Your child will recognize that although you are leaving, you will be back. 4. Pretend play about being at preschool. Talk to them how she/he will be meeting a new family and it will be a fun place to be. Talk about mentors and didi's at home to make child comfortable and feel safe and secure. 5. Go a little early with your child on the first day so that the mentor gets some one on one time with the child to bond before other children come in. 6. Ensure your child is well fed and slept before the settling in hours for a happy and comfortable time at school. 7. Put a favourite toy/blanket in the preschool bag for your child to make the settling phase more comfortable. https://www.medhaam.com/

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