10 Secrets of Bold Unicorn Women Leaders

Published by: ladieswholead, Mon Jun 13 2022

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What does it take for a woman to go from being a leader to an icon? What does it take for a woman to go from being a lady to a legacy? What does it take for a woman to go from being needed to being wanted in the boardroom? Two words: thought leadership! In fact, it would be wrong to say that thought leadership will do all this for the brand woman, because it won’t-only thought leadership won’t. But when a woman takes active control of her thought leadership and her personal brand, she then takes complete control of her reputation as well as her destiny. Then why did I say, thought leadership? Because that is the foundation of her personal brand, her iconicness, her legacy and the exclusive value that she would then waltz with into that boardroom with pride and panache! As a leader, your thought leadership: the exclusive value which you and only you offer separates the icons from the mortals! Source URL: https://ladieswholead.in/10-secrets-of-bold-unicorn-women-leaders/

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